Hi, I’m Tommy and I’m from Massachusetts.

Welcome to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, located in the center of Notre Dame’s campus. This building took over twenty years to complete, but was finally finished in 1888. In 1992, it was named a basilica by the Vatican, which means that in addition to being a place of sacred worship, it’s also a place of great historical significance.

The Basilica houses the largest collection of French stained glass in the world; the glass was made by Carmelite nuns in Le Mans France. There are over 116 such windows in the Basilica and each is considered priceless because they cannot be duplicated and others like them were destroyed in the first and second World Wars.

There are three main altars in the Basilica and seven side altars. In the north part of the church is the Lady Chapel, which has an altar designed by Giovanni Bernini and is covered in gold; the Chapel is now used mostly for small weddings and funerals. Above the east entrance of the Basilica, you’ll see the famous motto, “God, Country, Notre Dame,” which honors the men of Notre Dame who died in the First World War.

The spire on top of the Basilica houses the oldest carillon bells in the United States. If you look on top of the spire, you’ll see a simple gold cross which looks small from the ground, but is actually 12 feet tall.