Hi, my name is Paulo, and I’m from the Philippines. I’m sitting outside Geddes Hall. Geddes Hall is the home of the Center for Social Concerns, the Institute for Church Life, and the Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement. Geddes Hall was opened in 2009 and is ND’s first LEED certified building on campus. That’s the gold standard for environmentally sustainable construction.

Above the front doorway it is inscribed, “God is Love.” We hope that the students will think about the message every time they walk through. Just inside the front door is a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy. All the stained glass depicts religious figures carrying out corporal works of mercy.

The coffee house inside Geddes Hall is always busy. It’s a place where students and faculty gather informally to share ideas. All the meeting rooms here inside are named after great leaders of social change. Leaders like Oscar Romero, Rosa Parks, and Nelson Mandela.