Jordan Hall of Science

The largest academic building on campus devoted to educating undergraduates, the Jordan Hall of Science opened in 2006 with some of the most advanced scientific and educational teaching equipment available. Its facilities include lecture halls, 40 teaching labs, a greenhouse, a herbarium, an observatory, an NMR facility, a museum of biodiversity, and the Digital Visualization Theater.

This theater, located at the building’s north end, is a planetarium-like space with stadium seating. Its state-of-the-art projection capabilities submerge viewers in 360-degree views of constellations, molecules, organisms, and other areas of knowledge across the University. Notre Dame is one of the only research universities in the United States to have such a facility.

With all of its assets, the building symbolizes Notre Dame’s commitment to offering undergraduates a second-to-none experience in teaching, learning, and research.

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