Hi, my name’s Lauren and I’m from Ontario, Canada. We’re here at the Purcell Pavilion, which is the most recent addition to the Joyce Center on campus. The Joyce Center was named after Father Edmund Joyce, who was Father Ted Hesburgh’s right hand man. The newest arena holds over nine thousand seats and it continues Father Joyce’s dream of hosting both athletic and community events. Even the Ringling Brothers circus has been held here.

A number of varsity sports are played here including basketball, volleyball, and fencing. Connected to the Joyce Center is Rolf’s Aquatic Center, which features a 50-meter swimming pool and a diving well for the swimming and diving teams and the water polo club.

The dome opposite the basketball arena is the field house. We hold football luncheons, Junior Parents Weekend, alumni reunions and varsity fencing competitions here. Above me is Club Naimoli, an entertainment complex for private functions and a gathering place for members during the basketball season.

The two domes are connected by a concourse. We’re here in the second floor in Sports Heritage Hall, which houses photos, trophies and memorabilia dating back to the dawn of Notre Dame athletics. The name of every monogram winner is displayed around the room by decade. The focus is on team accomplishments rather than individual efforts.