Moreau Seminary

If you take the foot path around St. Joseph’s Lake and follow it around to the north, the trees will clear and you will find yourself standing in front of Moreau Seminary. The building was constructed in 1957, and serves as the major seminary for the Congregation of Holy Cross. Seminarians and scholastics live at Moreau as they progress through the stages of formation; during this time they also take classes at the University of Notre Dame. The outstretched ‘arms’ of the building extend over an eighth of a mile of the lakeshore, where the long sweeping corridors on the interior are flanked by the private rooms of the priests and seminarians as well as a library, a full gymnasium, a refectory where the residents share their meals, and an auditorium.

The stunning array of stained glass windows portraying the three archangels and two angels described in the book of Revelation was designed and executed by Fr. Anthony Lauk, C.S.C. This exterior wall faces the lake, but their brilliant colors can only be seen from inside the Moreau Seminary Chapel. Each Thursday evening the campus community is invited to come to the seminary for Lucernarium, a weekly evening prayer service by candlelight.

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