Hi, I’m Cameron, and I’m from Missouri. Welcome to Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame Stadium was designed by Coach Knute Rockne and opened in 1930. Even though he was only able to coach one season here, the Stadium will always be known as the “House that Rockne Built.” The original structure could hold about 59,000 people and after the expansion and renovation in 1997, can now hold a little under 81,000. They opened the gates for us today, so we can go out on the field and check it out. Come on, let’s go.

Wow, here we are inside Notre Dame Stadium. Can you imagine all the great players who have played here throughout the years? From Paul Horning to Joe Theismann, Joe Montana and Tim Brown. Even movie directors are attracted to the Notre Dame for its traditional feel, from the real grass on the field, to the diagonal stripes in the end zone and even the wooden bleachers.

Painting of the football team helmets is another tradition here at the Stadium. Every Monday before a home game, student managers and volunteers repaint each player’s helmet. The gold paint contains real gold and is the same gold that’s used on the dome of the Main Building.

The grass on the field is mowed every day during the summer and when it gets a little colder, they back off and only mow it every other day. Notre Dame is one of the few universities to play full-contact inter-hall football. And each year, the championship game is played right here in Notre Dame Stadium. A couple years ago, my dorm was in the championship game, and we won.

As you can tell, football is a huge part of the Notre Dame tradition, so next time you’re on campus, you’re gonna want to come check out the Notre Dame Stadium.