Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m from Texas.

O’Shaughnessy Hall opened in 1953 and is home to the College of Arts and Letters, Notre Dame’s oldest and largest college with over 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 42% of undergraduates are Arts and Letters students like me, and we call this building “O’Shag.”

Let’s go see the Great Hall. Here in the Great Hall, the stained glass windows depict seven ancient liberal arts.

These doors lead to the Snite Museum of Art. You can see work by the well known artist Ivan Mestrovich all around O’Shaughnessy and inside the Snite.

Students hang out in Waddick’s Cafe. They meet with their study groups and professors to talk about everything from Shakespeare to Asian culture to Economics.

On the third floor is the student radio station. [At 88.9 this WSND FM.] The call letters stand for “We Serve Notre Dame.”

If you’re feel like you’ve seen this hallway before, it may have been from the movie Rudy. Many of the classroom scenes were shot right here in O’Shaughnessy Hall.