Hi, my name’s Felicia, I’m from Nevada.

Let me tell you a little about dorm life. There’re twenty nine dorms at Notre Dame, 14 are for women, 15 are for men. Each dorm is like a family for students, and they elect their own hall council which plans events and dances. They also have their own mascots, colors and signature events.

Unique to Notre Dame, there’s also a chapel in every dorm, and most dorms have their own live-in priest. He conducts Mass every Sunday night and also a couple times during the week.

This is my Dorm, Ryan Hall. Let me show you my room.

Welcome to my room. This is my roommate’s side, that’s my side. We have what’s called a super double, we love our room. All dorms have a variety of different kinds of rooms, anywhere from singles, to doubles, to triples, to quads, and seniors get first pick. Most freshmen end up with a double and one roommate.