“Hi, I’m Kobe, and I’m from Kumasi, Ghana. I’m standing here in front of the Stinson-Remick Hall of Engineering. It’s 160,000 square feet and was built in 2010. It is home to 24 research labs, including the Notre Dame Nanotechnology Center, the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Center, and the Notre Dame Energy Center. For an engineering student like me, it’s one of the coolest buildings on campus. Let’s go take a look inside.

Inside, undergraduates from every discipline of engineering use the McCourtney Learning Centers. They’re 14,000 square feet of completely flexible space for both group and individual work.

This building was designed so that undergrads would cross paths with top researchers on a daily basis. That’s why the learning labs are located right next to the 8,000-square foot clean room used for nanotechnology research. The clean room brings the latest in dust-free technology to Notre Dame.

Stinson-Remick may be the only engineering building in the country with a dedicated chapel. It’s called Holy Cross Chapel, and it’s dedicated to the Congregation of the Holy Cross who founded the University.

I’m on the rooftop where not many students get to go, and boy is it bright up here. These solar panels not only supply a fraction of the building’s energy, but also send data so students can monitor the amount of energy the building is using and the amount of energy these panels are producing at any given time. "